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Everyone is searching for something. So, how do they find you?

Reach customers through an integrated marketing effort tailored to your goals and budget. At IMA creative, we believe in employing both traditional and new media to reach the modern consumer. Consistent messaging, coordination and expert insight help us define your story and deliver it to your customer base.

Our philosophy is simple: whether you tell your story through new or traditional media, compelling content, optimized web design, eye-catching graphics, and meticulous management drive results. 

We Are

We are graphic designers, copywriters, PR specialists, web developers, social media mavens and account executives.

We bring a conceptual, creative, and strategic mindset to every job, keeping clarity of message top of mind.

We create marketing campaigns that inspire and motivate your target audience.

We have experience in consumer and B2B marketing for companies of all sizes. 

We boast impressive portfolios, with digital and traditional marketing for real estate, medical, legal, financial, retail, restaurants, online services, arts, and not-for-profit organizations.

We want to create a marketing program built around your brand, your identity, and your story.

We are IMA creative.

Our Team

We believe your business is unique. Our team of marketing experts helps you discover, refine, and present your story clearly to your customer base. It’s your story, we just help you tell it.
Gail Webster Is a President

Boasting more than 30 years of experience in the advertising and marketing fields across both the agency and corporate sectors, Gail covers everything from conceptual development and production to creative operations and overall agency management.


Tom Stacy Is a Managing Partner

With more than 30 years in media, content, marketing and advertising, Tom is an entrepreneurial leader who performs well in team environments. He is a resourceful collaborator who builds results-driven programs across paid, owned and earned channels.



Tim Hildebrand Is a Managing Partner

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience delivering cutting edge marketing solutions to clients across the country, including 20+ Fortune 500 companies, Tim brings an uncanny knack for marketing strategy to every project or plan. 

Tara Geissinger Is a Digital Director

Tara is a digital marketing guru. With more than 20 years of experience in the digital marketing space, she sports a unique ability to look at all projects in three dimensions.  She carefully weaves online plans with the existing or new marketing strategy being developed.

Leo Zimmerman Is a Copy Director 

An international award-winning writer and documentary producer, Leo has more than 20 years’ experience crafting messages that get results. He approaches each project with the customers’ perspective in mind to connect your campaign with the target audience. 


Atish Antil Is a Web Programmer

Atish brings coding expertise to the IMA Creative team. Atish strategically crafts sites with a focus on real-world user experience, scalability, and an unrivalled eye for detail. He builds frameworks that reflect current online trends and best practices, while maintaining an eye toward the future.


Meghan Draper Is a Graphics Expert 

Meghan wears more than one hat, and easily works in both the digital and print worlds. Meghan boasts more than 10 years of experience in graphic design from The Art Institute. She ties organizations’ online presence and marketing efforts together, building synergistic, holistic campaigns with each client. 


Janine Brandt Is a Social Media Specialist 

Janine brings social media prowess to each campaign. She understands the ever-changing landscape of social media, and creates high quality, engaging content across multiple platforms. She collects the most usable data and resources to keep your clients liking, sharing, and subscribing.


Kristen Jarabeck Is a Senior Graphic Designer

Kristen has worked in the advertising and marketing industry for more than 20 years. She is skilled in the latest digital creative suites as well as print and digital design. She has contributed to national and international marketing efforts, advertising, product launch and image campaigns, including Wells Fargo, Welches, Ford, Lincoln, and more.


Tara Ferguson Is a Web Designer

Tara has been a graphic designer and front-end website designer for more than 18 years. After starting her career at a newspaper creating graphics, page layout, and managing their online presence. She specializes in crafting effective, eye-catching marketing tools that complement your messaging.


Haley Montgomery Is a Graphic Designer

Haley centers her work around unique solutions for your marketing and branding goals in both digital and print. She believes in telling the story of a brand seamlessly through design. Typography, color, illustration, and layout are just some of the design tools she has mastered and wields to solve each unique challenge presented to her. 


Emily Jones Is a Project Manager 

 Based in New York City, Emily graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in communications and a minor in entrepreneurship and sales. She currently works as a freelance project manager, streamlining campaigns for each client and facilitating easy communication among various departments internally.


Cody McGowan Is a Content Writer 

For more than seven years, Cody has crafted engaging, high-ranking online content that encompasses clients’ messaging, brand identity, and story. He’s an experienced multi-platform writer, generating copy for blogs, newsletters, websites, ebooks, and print media. 



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