IMA creative canvas

“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” These are words of wisdom from the legendary William Strunk, Jr., author of The Elements of Style, a timeless reference for writers. After this brief introduction to our portfolio, we will follow his sage advice.

Our experience is comprehensive. A look at our work will reveal the diversity of our expertise in every aspect of this creative business. Some of the marketing campaigns you’ll see involve advertising and public relations across many media, and some concentrate on only one or two. It’s always about branding, and our portfolio demonstrates that. Some advertising may be a full-blown effort to establish the client’s brand, and some may reinforce the brand.

Take a look at our print collateral. Brochures, programs, invitations and more that stand out, reflect the brand, contribute strategically to the overall campaign and clearly call the reader to action.

Direct mail is a category in itself and requires a dedicated strategy, oftentimes in addition to complementing a larger multi-media strategy.

Within the digital marketing category, websites are essential. All of your advertising in all media, as well as your PR, should motivate your target audience to want to find out more on your website.

Broadcast is often a key part of an advertising campaign. TV, radio or both can reach people who wouldn’t otherwise receive your message.

Whether the purpose is to educate, inform, create excitement, raise funds, the list goes on – a video may be the perfect solution.

Please browse through our portfolio. We hope our work speaks to you.