IMA creative whiz

The business and creative professionals of IMA creative, like a bright, shiny object made of wheels, gears and widgets, operate as a well-oiled machine. Everyone on the marketing team, including the client, plays a vital role in the success of a project. Our graphic designers, copywriters, PR specialists, web developers and account executives all approach a project from a different perspective, and think with opposite sides of the brain, but we all share a vision – originating with your vision – and resulting in marketing campaigns that inspire and motivate your target audience.

According to response optimization expert, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, “Clarity trumps persuasion.” We agree. Our teams bring a conceptual, creative and strategic mindset to every job, keeping clarity of message top of mind.

Informed by a wealth of experience, and on top of current trends and new technologies, every team member is an original – a unique personality. We’ve all worked with small and large companies and have experience in both consumer and B2B marketing. We are all award-winners with impressive portfolios that span many industries: real estate, medical, legal, financial, retail, restaurants, online services, arts, not-for-profit and everything in between.

Our MO: think outside-the-box but within budget. Our goal: create a marketing program, built around your brand, your goals and your budget, that motivates your target market to think, feel, act. Our SOP: deadlines rule, but take the time to do the job right.

All in all, we’re a bright and likeable bunch, who love what we do and approach every job with renewed energy.

“Clarity trumps persuasion.”
~ Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Response optimization expert and founder of MECLABS

Gail Webster, President

Queen bee and alpha marketer, Gail Webster has more than 30 years experience in Advertising and Marketing Communications across both the agency and corporate sectors. The goddess of Type A personalities, she has covered everything from conceptual and brand development to production, creative operations and overall management.

This breadth and depth of experience prepared her well to strike out on her own. As president of IMA creative, she manages the agency’s workflow and operations, and maintains client relations and communications on a daily basis.

Gail has extensive experience working for some of the world’s biggest brands, including GE, Owens-Corning, 3M and Xerox. From her first advertising job in a Cleveland jingle company, she ascended to a succession of ad agencies, handling Production and Traffic on the aforementioned accounts and many others – establishing budgets and timelines, keeping everything on schedule.

Her in-house experience includes Director of Advertising Production for Matrix Essentials (now owned by L’Oreal) where she reorganized the advertising department and launched Biolage, the first ecological hair care line. It accounted for 46 percent of the company’s sales in its first year. While living in London, Gail was Marketing Communications Director for Amway Europe, with financial and project management responsibilities across the UK and continent; she managed communications activities in 26 countries in the UK, Eastern and Western Europe, comprising 23 different languages. In a similar role for Xerox, she was European Communications Director, traveling extensively from the Czech Republic to Bulgaria to Slovenia.

Gail’s return to the States landed her in sunny Naples. After a stint at AdvertisingWorks, Inc., where she specialized in Southwest Florida real estate development clientele, including Centex Homes, West Bay Club, and DeAngelis Diamond Construction, she determined the time had come to build her own business. Initially, she created Maven Group, a compact, boutique style agency, then was offered the opportunity to purchase the former Image Marketing Associates and decided it was a great fit for her and the firm. Now known as IMA creative, the agency has tremendous “street cred” throughout Southwest Florida and a reputation for outstanding, strategic creative work and excellent client service.

The Team

IMA is a hive of activity, comprised of talented individuals from across the country. All experts in their particular niches, they also get the big picture.

Our graphic designers and copywriters are that magical combination of talent, smarts and passion. They view pretty much everything through a creative lens, but usually with their feet planted on the ground. When it comes to creating persuasive, eye-catching, useful content, with words and with graphics, our creative teams plays with the big dogs.

Any strong marketing plan needs a solid foundation of Public Relations. Our PR specialists are natural networkers, exceedingly effective at garnering coverage, and masters at writing blog content that is interesting and informative. From feature stories and standard press releases to orchestrating a full-blown press conference, they’re top notch.

Experienced at working with all types of digital development projects including build-from-scratch websites, our web development team is the hub for all things online. Like all of our team members, our web developers and technicians start with the strategy, translate it with creativity and skill to the website, and work with an eye for possible future expansion.

We are perfectionists. Every member of our team is hardwired to stay on it till we meet our own very high standards, and surpass yours.